Get to the Root
Clear Answers, Healing that Works, Support from Nature
with The Truth

Intuition is the natural Beginning, Healing is what Follows

The purpose of Intuitive is to see clearly what is out of balance in our mind, body and heart so we can easily get to the root of any issue in our lives and restore the balance we want.

We have been consulting with wise people since the dawn of time for our health and life issues from every corner of the globe.

Our thoughts and experiences are electrical impulses all around us. These thoughts and feelings form electrical impulses and can be detected in the brain and our bodies. This is science. In essence, we are a large electrical board of information.

Someone sensitive to this electricity will hear and see what is short circuited and will know what is needed to restore harmony and utilize our best. 

This is what I access to see where the turmoil started, what is moving now in your life and most importantly what you need to recover your health, love, work, pets and more.

Get what you need from:  

  • Group Readings - Live or Skype, gather friends, family, neighbors or co workers and lets see what comes up. Call for details.

  • Children's Core Value Books - Stranger Danger by trusting your gut instincts, Power of the Mind, Choosing alcohol or drugs,  Bully System and more!


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