Renee Beese Intuitive Healer
Get to the Root
Clear Answers, Healing that Works, Support from Nature
with The Truth


Intuition is the Beginning, Healing is what Follows ~ Nature is Creation & Authentic Healing ~ Wisdom is Gifted, Learned, Given & Received

Introduction Video

The purpose of Intuitive/ Psychic/ Healer/ Wise Woman/ Seer/ Shaman/ Counsel... is to see clearly what is out of balance in our mind, body, heart and soul and to deliver real solutions. 

Intuitive/ Psychic creates trust, ease in counsel and gets to the root of our issues. This information is inside and around you in the form of electricity or magnetism, this is every ones gut instinct that is not easily explained. For a person gifted or attuned, it is Psychic and seen more deeply and clearly with specific solutions just for you. 

This is what I access to see where the turmoil started, what is moving now in your life and most importantly what you need to restore balance to your health, love, work, pets, kids and people who have crossed.

Get what you need from:  

  • Group Readings - Live or Skype, gather friends, family, neighbors or co workers and lets see what comes up. Call for details.

  • Children's Core Value Books - Stranger Danger by trusting your gut instincts, Power of the Mind, Choosing alcohol or drugs,  Bully System and more!


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